Frederick County Sheriff’s Deputies Recover Stolen Vehicle Used in Drag Racing

FREDERICK, Md. – On the evening of Nov. 11, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) deputies became aware of at least two calls to the Maryland State Police of Dodge Chargers racing on Interstate 270 and 70. As the night progressed, the FCSO began to receive multiple calls of vehicles drag racing in the vicinity of Executive Way, New Design Road, and Wedgewood Boulevard.

Those same deputies responded to that area and came across a blue Dodge Charger Scat Pack at the intersection of Maryland 85 northbound and Executive Way. A deputy approached the vehicle from the front, activated his lights, and the vehicle began reversing through traffic, hitting one vehicle as the suspect tried to flee the scene.

Once successfully stopping the vehicle, deputies arrested the driver, Keith Andre Gorham, age 25, of Capitol Heights, Maryland. Deputies transported him to the Frederick County Adult Detention Center for booking.

While the vehicle appeared to be fully registered and showed a valid registration plate, a deputy noticed several discrepancies with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) the vehicle was displaying. The deputy investigated further and found the VIN removed from the frame of the vehicle. Through a thorough investigation, deputies discovered that someone swapped the VIN, and that the vehicle was reported stolen from Highland Park, New Jersey.

Gorham faces 11 different traffic charges and deputies filed for three additional charges on Nov. 26 to include:

Motor vehicle/Unlawful taking
Theft – $25,000 to <$100,000
Unauthorized Removal of a Motor Vehicle

“The quick actions of these deputies ensured the safety of those using the roads that night throughout the Frederick area,” said Capt. Brian Woodward, FCSO Patrol Operations commander. “Not only did they stop the recklessness from continuing, but they also recovered a stolen vehicle.”