Frederick County Receives Over $1 Million In Federal Funds

They’ll be used to improve road safety.

Hiking & Biking in Frederick County.  (Photo from the County Governmentt)

Frederick, Md (KM) The US Department of Transportation is providing $1,050,00 to to Frederick County. The money will be used to make road improvements to help reduce traffic fatalities, and improve bicycle accessibility, say county officials. .

The County’s Division of Planning and Permitting says it will use this grant  to update the 2018 Bike and Trails Plan. The funds  will also be used to build pilot projects on traffic safety, conduct feasibility studies for trail corridors and connections, and support municipalities which are trying to align with the countywide approach to bikeways and trails.

This will support the County’s  Complete and Green Street Policy. It emphasizes the importance of improving the accessibility and mobility  of pedestrians and bicyclists while at the same time reducing conflicts with motor vehicles.

“Safe, accessible transportation is vital to our quality of life and moving our economy forward,” says County Executive Jessica Fitzwater, in a statement. “I am grateful to our federal delegation for helping to secure this grant for  our community. These funds will us to improve access to for pedestrians and bicyclists and help us realize our goal of zero deaths on our roadways.”

The money comes  from the US Transportation Department’s Safe Roads for All program, which was funded by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

By Kevin McManus