Holiday Safety Tips for Frederick Residents


For holiday shopping and traveling.


FREDERICK, MD. (LG)    With the holiday shopping and traveling underway, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents to be very vigilant to protect themselves and their property.  

“We have a lot of traffic converging during holiday shopping,” says First Class Deputy Bryan Bittenmaster, with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

“We’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. Slow down and move over for emergency responders. We want to keep them safe, and slow down and put the phone down,” Bittenmaster continued.  “There is going to be delays, with all the heavy traffic and congestion during this holiday season. Make sure if you are going shopping that all of your valuables are stowed and secure.”

Research shows that crashes, injuries and fatalities always increase during the holiday season. 

If you are going to be away for the holidays, Bittenmaster suggests that citizens sign up with the Sheriff’s Office to participate in the Patrol Check Edition.  ” It’s where you can have your residence patrolled by deputies while you are away.”  

By Loretta Gaines.