Telephone Scam Circulating in Frederick

The perpetrator is pretending to be an officer of the law.

FREDERICK, MD. (LG) Over the past few days the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous calls from concerned citizens reporting a telephone scam. That’s according to Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, who was a recent guest on the WFMD Morning News Express show.

“So there is a scam being perpetrated here in Frederick County, against the fine folks that live here. There is an individual making phone calls and identifying himself as a Frederick County Deputy,” said Jenkins.

“For instance, I received a call, myself, from a resident saying the call they received, the person wanted $2,200 in cash and wanted them to meet at a specific bank at the courthouse,” he continued.

Jenkins says the perpetrator is telling folks that there is a subpoena issued for them and in order to resolve it, a certain amount of cash needs to be paid.

“And it just so happens that the perpetrator is using the name of a real Frederick City police officer, with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. So don’t bite off that and get lured into it.”

The Sheriff says the number that the scammer is calling from is an online-based number that cannot be tracked, but if the citizen calls back, it states that it is the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department Warrant Office.

This is a scam and residents are being warned not to fall for it.

By Loretta Gaines