Frederick County Legislative Delegation Supports Funding For BioHub Maryland

They approved a letter of support being sent to Governor Moore.

Frederick, Md (KM) A letter of support from the Frederick County Legislative Delegation will be sent to Governor Wes Moore asking him to put money into his budget for fiscal year 2025 for BioHub Maryland. “And BioHub Maryland is a program within the Maryland Tech Council that aims to provide entry-level workforce development training to biopharmaceutical manufacturing, gene cell therapy manufacturing similar to what Astra-Zeneca and Kite {Pharmaceuticals} are doing  in Frederick right now,” says Kelly Schulz, the CEO of the Maryland Tech Council which is based in Downtown Frederick.

She spoke Friday during the Legislative Delegation’s meeting where lawmakers voted in favor of their letter  of support.

Schulz says it’s more than a training program. “I do consider this a workforce development program, but I also consider an economic development program as well,”: she says. “Maryland, in my opinion, needs to be able  to move forward to attract and retain those businesses that we have in those industries that have the great opportunity for economic growth.”

Schulz says the Maryland Tech Council also sponsored a pilot program a few years ago to train military veterans for careers in the biotech industry. “Being able to get returning veterans from military to civilian life.; And we have  some success and job offers for those veterans  that are now going into that workforce,” she says.

Many of those jobs in the biotech field pay about $128,000 annually, says Schulz.

By Kevin McManus