Two Cumberland Residents Arrested In Frederick County

The Sheriff’s Office ssys they’re charged with drug offenses.

Jax &  handler (Photo from Frederick County Sheriff’s Office_)

Frederick, Md (IKM) The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has charged two Cumberland residents with drug offenses. Joshua Ian Cline, 47, and Gennifer Mae Frost, 39, were arrested on Sunday following a traffic stop.

A deputy pulled over a Dodge Avenger along westbound Interstate 70 near the New Market Exit.   A deputy with a canine was called to the scene. The dog named Jax did a positive alert on the vehicle. Other deputies were called to the scene, and a search of the vehicle got underway.

Authorities found 1,117.5 grams  of suspected cocaine, ten grams of suspected crack cocaine and four crack pipes. The Sheriff’s Office says the street value of these drugs is estimated at $161,000.

Both Cline and Frost were taken into custody. They are charged with being a drug kingpin, possession of a large amount of drugs, possession with intent to distribute, and possession of drugs (not cannabis.)

Cline is also charged with making a false statement to a police officer.

By Kevin McManus