Maryland General Assembly Could Be Dealing With Artificial Intelligence During The Current Session

Governor Moore recently signed an executive order outlining on that issue.

Frederick County Delegate Ken Kerr (Photo from Md. General Assembly website)

Annapolis, Md (KM) Legislation is expected to be brought forward during the 2024 Maryland General Assembly on artificial intelligence. That’s according to Frederick County Delegate Ken Kerr. He noted that Governor Wes Moore recently signed an executive order calling for ways to upgrade the stater’s aging computer system, and pairing it with A.I. It would also establish  “guardrails” in the use of artificial intelligence by state agencies.

“We need to first to find out where in the state government  is artificial intelligence  being used, and what it’s being used for; and determine if those are appropriate uses,” he says

Kerr says the state   needs  to make sure artificial intelligent is not used for hiring, promoting or terminating state employees. “All of those should be human decisions, and not left to an artificial intelligence algorithm,” he says.

But he also says A.I.  does have some positive uses. “There are some potential savings increases in customer service for artificial intelligence use with people inquiring at state agencies,” says Kerr.

The only bill connected with artificial intelligence introduced into the General Assembly this year  would establish  requirements, restrictions and prohibitions relating to the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement agencies.

The Governor’s executive order also calls for the creation of a sub-cabinet in state government which will focus its attention on the artificial intelligence technology, and promote its use within state government.

By Kevin McManus