Several Alcohol-Selling Businesses In Frederick County Fail Compliance Inspections

Violations were referred to the Frederick County Liquor Board.

Frederick, Md. (BW)- Four alcohol-selling businesses in Frederick County failed compliance checks in 2023.

Of the 12 alcohol-selling businesses that were inspected, four of them sold alcohol to underage buyers. 13 Tobacco-selling business were also inspected and all were in compliance. The businesses that failed are as follows…

– Clarion Inn Frederick

– Heritage Spirits of Middletown

– Jefferson BP

– Jerry’s Liquors

The inspections were carried out by the Frederick County Health Department between October and December 2023 and were funded by the Maryland Department of Health.

The compliance checks are part of the local Health Department’s Tobacco Merchant Sales Compliance Initiative. The aim of this initiative is to reduce youth access to alcohol and tobacco products.

To see a full list of the businesses inspected click here.