Citizens Gather To Support ‘Fairness In Girls Sports Act’

They came to Annapolis to testify in favor of the bill.

Delegate Kathy Szeliga                                    Sen Mary Beth Carozza

Annapolis, Md (KM) Supporters of the “Fairness in Girls Sports Act” showed up Wednesday in Annapolis for a press conference to campaign for its passage. It’s sponsored by Delegate Kathy Szeliga of Baltimore County. “House Bill 47 is very simple. It’s just says girls JV and varsity sports teams are limited to biological girls,” she said to the sound of applause.

There’s a concern about supporters of this legislation that trans-gender girls–boys who identify as girls– joining girls athletic teams would beat the biological girls. “This is science. It’s biology. Boys are faster, stronger, they jump higher, they have more muscle. They have bigger cardiovascular systems, bigger bones and testosterone, among other things,”: Szeliga said.

And sometimes biological girls can get hurt when competing against boys. “And we’ve seen it happen, unfortunately. In the last field hockey season in New England, there was a boy playing against a girls team.  He hit the puck so hard he knocked the girl’s teeth out,”; she said.

Also on hand the press conference was State Senator Mary Beth Carozza who represents Wicomico, Somerset and Worcester Counties. She’s sponsoring the “Fairness in Girls Sports Act” in the State Senate which she says would give girls an opportunity to fairly compete in athletics. . “As the Senate sponsor of the Fairness in {Girls} Sports Act, I believe this legislation is needed so girls in Maryland can compete, earn scholarships, medals and records,” she said.

A former NCAA athlete and who continues to compete and received medals in world, national and regional cycling events, Evie Edwards., came along to express her support for the bill. “House Bill 47, ‘Fairness in Girl’s {Sports} Act,’ will allow Maryland athletic competitions to be  science-based in fairness and will elevate and empower the voices and abilities of females in sports,”; she said. “Please remember: bodies play sports, not identities.”

The legislation would also prohibit “certain entities” from taking actions against schools which only allow biological girls to take part in girls-only junior varsity and varsity teams.

After the press conference, supporters testified at a hearing on this bill before the House Ways and Means Committee.

By Kevin McManus