13 Maryland Delegates Sponsoring Bill To Enforce Prohibition Of Quotas

This would help enforce an existing Maryland law

Annapolis, Md. (BW)- The Maryland House of Delegates is considering a bill that would “close the loophole” in a current Maryland law regarding law enforcement quotas.

House Bill 6 is sponsored by Delegate Robin Grammer of Baltimore County, as well as 13 others.

The goal of this bill, according to Grammer, is to put an end to quotas as a means of measuring the performance of law enforcement officers.

Current Maryland law bans the use of quotas, but Grammer said they are still present in Maryland State Police, The Department of Natural Resources and several local agencies.

Things like the number of arrest made, citations issued and warrants served are not allowed to be the primary or sole criterion for promotions, demotions, transfers, and other performance-based actions.

Grammer said the use of quotas leads to a decline in recruitment and retention of officers. He also added, quotas can lead to officers being called racist and discriminatory.

Support for this bill has come from many individuals, as well as groups such as the Office of the Public Defender. Grammer said chiefs and sheriffs are the biggest opposers of this bill.

Grammer also said he hopes to vote on the bill soon.