Neil Parrott Enters Sixth District Congressional Race Hours Before Deadline

This is Parrott’s third time running for congress.

Annapolis, Md. (BW)- Former Maryland Delegate Neil Parrott announced on Friday he is entering the race to represent Maryland’s Sixth District in Congress.

Parrott entered the race just hours before the deadline.

As a Republican, he will run against six other candidates in the Primary Election on May 14.

His running mates include, Dan Cox, Chris Hyser, Todd Puglisi, Mariela Roca, Tom Royals and Brenda Thiam.

If elected as the Republican candidate, Parrott will run against one of 16 Democratic candidates in the General Election on Nov 5.

Parrott said he believes the candidate for the Sixth District should live in the Sixth District. He lives in Washington County and formerly lived in Frederick.

He also said he believes he has the right problem solving skills to make progress on major issues.

David Trone currently sits in the Sixth District Congressional seat. He is leaving his seat to run for U.S. Senate.