Residential Property Sales Bill Moving Along in 2024 General Assembly

Frederick County Delegate Kris Fair is sponsoring the measure.

Frederick, MD. (LG) Frederick County Delegate Kris Fair says things are moving pretty swiftly in Annapolis as the 2024 General Assembly continues. “It’s been much different from last year. It definitely took off very quickly. I think the legislators are hearing a lot of bills, and it’s moving very, very quickly,” said Fair.

As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Fair says the Residential Property Sales bill has generated a lot of interest. “We’ve done a lot of work on that bill during the interim session, and I’m looking forward to a positive decision within the Committee.”

Superfund sites are locations polluted with hazardous materials. The R-P-S bill would require the seller of any residential property, located within a half mile of a superfund site, to provide a specified addendum to the contract of the sale.

Superfund sites have been linked to adverse health effects including cancer. These sites are listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priorities List (NPL), and are the nation’s highest priority for hazardous waste cleanup.

By Loretta Gaines