Speed Limit To Be Lowered On Frederick’s ‘Golden Mile’

MDOT SHA says it will go from 45 MPH to 35 MPH.

Frederick, Md (KM) The speed limit on the “Golden Mile” is changing. The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration says the speed limit along West Patrick Street (US 40) between US 15 and Old Camp Road will drop from 45 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour.

MDOT SHA District Seven Engineer for Frederick, Carroll and Howard Counties, Andrew Radcliffe, the this decision was made after speaking with Frederick City officials, and monitoring traffic speeds.. “A big part of speed limits are how traffic is moving along the road. And with this being a very busy road, we found that traffic doesn’t get much above 40 miles an hour,”: he says.

Radcliffe also said MDOT SHA considered other factors such as commercial development in the area, the nearby residential areas, side roads and the number of pedestrians crossing the street. “Taken all that context into account, and balancing mobility and accessibility, we thought that 35 miles a hour would be better for the corridor, for everyone using the corridor,” he says.

The change in the speed limit will begin very soon. “It will start taking affect this week as our crews change out the signs. There are about 20 sign unit change outs. A little bit time consuming and the winter weather delayed us starting today {Tues}. It will take affect this week once folks start seeing those signs go up and be uncovered,” Radcliffe says.

It will be necessary for motorists to adjust their speeds as the speed limit changes this week. “Check your mindset. Pay a little bit of attention. Just back off the speed a little bit when there are opportunities to go that fast. Think about others that are using the road, including the pedestrians that need to cross the road and are walking alongside. And all the traffic coming in and out of the commercial entrances,” says Radcliffe.

This stretch of US 40 sees an average of 45,000 to 120,000 vehicles travel through each day, according to MDOT SHA.

By Kevin McManus