Baltimore Man Sentenced For Illegally Dealing in Firearms

Mark Ryals sold firearms to undercover agents on six different occasions.

BALTIMORE, MD. (LG) A Baltimore, Maryland, man will be spending a long time in jail after he was sentenced to 42 months for illegally dealing in firearms.

According to Ryals guilty plea, the 35 year old man sold firearms, from his residence, to undercover law enforcement personnel on six separate occasions.

As detailed in the plea agreement, on August 12, 2021, law enforcement executed a search warrant at Ryals’ residence and recovered two privately manufactured 9mm pistols, one of which was equipped with a large capacity magazine; a short barreled 12-gauge shotgun with no serial number; a .22 caliber firearm; 237 rounds of assorted ammunition and $1,190 in cash, most of which was ATF funds used in the controlled purchases.  Additionally, officers recovered firearms accessories and tools used in the creation of privately manufactured firearms, including a Dremel press with red plastic shavings on it.  Ryals waived his Miranda rights and agreed to an interview with law enforcement, during which Ryals admitted that he had been making firearms and selling them.

Authorities said Ryals knew that he was prohibited from possessing firearms, due to a final protective order, that was served on him in June of 2021, and he also knew that he didn’t have a licensed to deal or sell weapons.