Budget Request Totaling Over $991 Million Approved By Frederick County School Board

It’s more $62 million over maintenance of effort.

Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Board of Education on Wednesday night approved a fiscal year 2025 budget request. The spending plan totals  $991,513,716 which is close to the amount proposed by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Cheryl Dyson when she released her budget request in January. It’s also $62.84 million over maintenance of effort.

Board of Education member Dean Rose voted in favor. “The size of this budget request is substantial; and yet it’s not nearly enough,”: he said.

Also voting for it was School Board Vice President Rae Gallagher,  who said this budget request “barely scratches the surface” when it comes to meeting the needs of a growing school system. “And we keep hearing that the outlook is not good. We have to keep fighting for what our students need, what our teachers need as we attack our growth, our capital needs, our hiring needs and the very real mental health needs of our students,”: she said.

“When you look what we’re asking for in this breakdown really speaks to our values as a school system and our true needs,” Gallagher continued. “There are inflationary needs that we simply cannot escape. We have enrollment growth needs that we simply can’t get ahead of.”

The vote was 6-1 with Board Member Nancy Allen voting no.

The budget request now goes to the County Executive who will craft her own spending plan for fiscal year 2025. That budget is expected to be released in April. Then the County Council will hold hearings on the budget and could make some adjustments. A budget for the next fiscal year must be adopted by May 31st.

Fiscal year 2025 begins on July 1st, 2024.

By Kevin McManus