Funding Approved To Retrofit New Command Vehicle For Frederick Police

It was obtained at no cost to the city.

Frederick, Md (KM) A new command vehicle for the Frederick Police Department will be retrofitted. The Board of Aldermen last week approved funding for the project.

“Back in November, 2021, the Frederick Police Department found an opportunity to acquire a Freightliner command vehicle from the Architect of the Capital Police Department at no cost,” said Lt. Aaron Lapp with the Frederick Police Department. “This is a good opportunity. We found the vehicle to be in relatively good mechanical standing. So we took possession  of that vehicle and brought it back home.”

Lt. Lapp says the Department has developed a “multiple step plan,” but first, the vehicle must be up and running. “We intend for the vehicle to have two main uses. One being a command unit  mobile office. Those are typically what we use on major incidents similar to the fire we had this past weekend,” he says. “Luckily, our partners with fire and rescue had their command unit out there for that.”

The Police Department’s command vehicle will also  be used by the Crisis Intervention Team.

In the background materials which were part of last Thursday’s meeting, the Police Department said the Freightliner command vehicle was in good mechanical shape, but the technology inside needs to be replaced.

Lt. Lapp says the money for this retrofit project will come from part of a US Department of Justice grant in the amount of  $83,450.00, and    $82,488.75 in the Frederick Police Department’s budget.   The total cost for the project is $165,898.78.   He says 911 Rapid Response will be doing the work.

The background provided for last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting also says  911 Rapid Response will install custom built cabinets to replace IT racks, put in an audio video master control switch system, a telescoping mast video system, soundproof the interior of the cabin for negotiations, a  360 degree camera system, and other features.

“For the community, these vehicles are very impactful,” said Lt. Lapp. “Probably what I think most of when I think police command unit is the Fourth of July or major event, and lost kids or family coming to us to find their loved one, and a reunification site.”

By Kevin McManus