Two More Areas Affected By Sewage Overflows in Frederick County

The Health Department is urging residents to avoid those areas.

Frederick, Md (KM) There are two additional locations residents should avoid due to sewage overflows caused by the recent rainfall. The Frederick County Health Department says they are the Thurmont Wastewater Treatment Plan at 96 East Moser Road into Big Hunting Creek to Blacks Mill Road .The other location is the Cone Branch Pump Station at 7317 Old Middletown Road in Middletown. Cone Branch Creek from the pump station down to Bennies Hill Road should be avoided.

The previously  announced  areas residents should stay away from are the Mount Saint Mary’s  University campus east of US 15 from Saint Mary’s Run to Toms Creek to the Monocacy River. Residents should also avoid the Monocacy River from Route 144 to Route 80 , or Fingerboard Road from Pinecliff Park to Buckeystown Park.

Health officials say swimming and total immersion should be avoided. If you happen to come into contact with the water, wash yourself thoroughly with soap and warm water, especially before eating. .

Boating and fishing are still permitted in these areas. The Health Department says fish caught in these areas should be safe to consume if they are cleaned, scaled and cooked.

Residents are also urged to keep their pets away from these waters. Rivers flood levels should also be avoided for general safety reasons and potential contaminants, the Health Department says.

Signs will be posted urging residents to stay away from those four areas for two weeks. That would be April 17th, 2024 for the areas near Mount Saint Mary’s, and the Monocacy River from Route 144 to Route 80, or Fingerboard Road from Pinecliff Park to Buckeystown Park. For the Thurmont Waste Water Treatment Plant on East Moser Road, the Cone Branch Pump Station in Middletown, that would be April 18th, 2024

By Kevin McManus