Orcana Biotech LLC Acquires Manufacturing Facility In Frederick

The company produces milk and creamers in ready-to-drink containers.

Frederick, Md (KM) A new manufacturing facility is coming to Frederick. . The County has announced that Orcana Biotech LLC has acquired a new, 90,000 square-foot manufacturing center in this area.. It will focus on producing milk and creamers in ready-to-drink containers.

“We are excited to call Frederick home for our new manufacturing facility,” says Emmanuel Kornyo, the CEO of Orcana Biotech LLC, in a statement. “The strategic location and supportive community makes Frederick an ideal place for us to grow and thrive.”

In a news release from the county, Orcana says it will provide numerous job opportunities for residents, and contribute to the economic development in Frederick County. ” We are proud to be a part of the Frederick Community and look forward to contributing to the vibrant economy,”: Kornyo adds.

Orcana says it will hire locally, and invest in the talent pool in Frederick County.

No timetable was announced for when the new facility will be up and running, and no specific location was revealed.

In the statement from the county, Frederick County Executive Jessica Fitzwater expressed her support for the project. “Investments like Orcana Biotech’s launch are a testament to Frederick County’s strength as a business destination. We are delighted to welcome Orcana to our community, and look forward to supporting their growth and success in Frederick.”

Orcana Biotech LLC is leading manufacturer of dairy products, specializing in milk and creamers in ready to drink containers.

By Kevin McManus