Frederick Police Say Man Makes ‘vague threat’ About A Shooting

They say there is no imminent danger to the public at this time.

Frederick, Md (KM) One person has been taken to a mental health facility after making a threat of violence.

Frederick Police say on Friday evening, they became aware of a post on the social medial platform Reddit where an individual says a man stopped them while in the downtown, and made at vague threat about a shooting to occur at an  event in May. .

Detectives and members of the Police Department Crisis Response Team were able to make a positive I.D. after viewing a video of the encounter on Reddit. The man was taken to the mental health facility. His identity is not being released. .

Frederick Police say they are working with the State’s Attorney’s Office, the FBI and other agencies to determine if charges need to be filed in this case.

Authorities say there is no imminent threat to the public at this time. , and they are treating this case very seriously. They also say Frederick Police Officers are working very hard each day   to keep the city safe.

By Kevin McManus