Former Delegate Neil Parrott Wins GOP Primary For 6th Congressional District Seat

Voters express approval with 47% of the vote for Parrott, surpassing 6 other Republican hopefuls.

Frederick, Md (JK) Former State Delegate Neil Parrott won the Republican nomination for Maryland’s 6th congressional district in the May 14th primary election. Parrott outpaced Dan Cox, leading the race with 47% of the vote. He will now move on to the general election November 5 against the Democratic winner, Former Commerce Department Appointee April McClain Delaney.

He spoke to Frank Mitchell and Tim May on WFMD’s Mid Maryland Live about looking forward and his vision on how he plans to represent the people of the 6th district. Parrott said that the number one issue “that kept popping up is i9nflation and the cost of living” which he laid the blame on the current administration and it’s energy policies.

As far as his November opponent is concerned, he refers to her as “hyper-liberal.” The General Election is Tuesday, November 5th.