Faith Debate: June 2nd, 2024

Palm Reading, Psychics, Ouija Boards, and More

When it comes to crystal balls, Tarot Cards, seances, necromancy, and even Magic Eight Balls, what do you believe? What should you believe? The panel of pastors talks through what the Bible says to inform our thinking about such things.

This is the fourth of five radio shows tackling various aspects of New Age practices and influences impacting the current generation. All five episodes are available as one long video on the Rumble channel for Household of Faith in Christ.

The panel:

Troy Skinner. Pastor, Household of Faith in Christ 
Daniel Razvi. 
Pastor, Church That Meets at Imran’s
Imran Razvi. 
Founder, Conquered By Love Ministries
David Forsee. 
Pastor, multi-location house church