Local Politician Reacts to Trump’s Verdict

He was convicted on 34 felony counts.


Washington County, Md. (LG)   Former President Donald Trump has now been convicted on 34 felony counts in his Hush Money trial. The judge in the case set a sentencing date for July 11th, and Republican nominee for the 6th District Congressional seat, Neil Parrott, is not happy about it. 

“Unfortunately that seems to be the direction that this judge is going. He is a partisan judge. The bottom line is this is definitely not over. President Trump will appeal the case and I expect an upper court to take the case, and probably overturn the decision that came out today”, said Parrott.

The big question now is whether Trump could go to prison, and that answer is uncertain.

“I think the American people can see that this is just a distraction from the main issues that we all care about. We are paying more for everything, and we need to have a leadership in the President, and it looks like Trump will be the next President,” continued Parrott.

The charge of falsifying business records is a Class E felony in New York, the lowest tier of felony charges in the state. It is punishable by up to four years in prison, though that decision would ultimately be up to the judge.


By Loretta Gaines