Frederick Police Urge Citizens To Beware Of Scams

Authorities say they’ve received 163 fraud reports so far this year.

Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick Police say they’ve received 163 fraud reports so far this year.

The scammers are targeting their victims through e-mails and phone calls.. In an e-mail, the scammer pretends to be from your bank. Authorities urge citizens to slow down and don’t be in a rush to respond. Avoid clicking on any links or attachments. Police say don’t provide any personal information, and delete any suspicious e-mails. Contact the sender directly, especially if it’s your bank or another financial institution.

When it comes to phone scams, the caller says they’re from a police agency. They tell victims there is a warrant out for their arrest. But if they  pay a certain amount of money, these warrants will go away. Frederick Police remind citizens that they never ask for money over the phone, or call about a warrant. Authorities say you should hang up.

Police also  say when you receive a suspicious phone call or e-mail, don’t give out any personal information or financial details. Hang up immediately if you receive a suspicious call;  and report it to the Frederick Police by calling the non-emergency number at 301-600-2102. And if fear that your financial information has been compromised, contact your bank.

By Kevin McManus