Maryland Health Care Advocacy Group Wants Drug Cost Pledges From Candidates

Letters sent to candidates asking to pledge support for Inflation Reduction Act Medicare drug cost provisions.

Frederick, MD (JK) – The Maryland Citizens Health Initiative sent a letter asking Senate and Congressional primary election winners to sign a pledge supporting the health care and prescription drug affordability provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act.
President Vincent DeMarco said “We’re going to really let the people of Maryland know who signed on and who hasn’t.”

The provision would allow the government to negotiate prices with drug manufacturers to lower costs for people in Medicare, like a $35 monthly cap for insulin and a $2000 yearly cap for all medication.

According to DeMarco, most Democrats have signed the pledge but Republican Senate candidate Larry Hogan and Republican Congressional candidate Neil Parrott have yet to sign up.

DeMarco said there is a deadline of July 15th to sign the pledge.