Man Killed In Taneytown Road Rage Incident

Taneytown, Carroll County, Maryland; July 6, 2024 —–  On July 4th, 2024, at approximately 10:05 PM, members of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and allied law enforcement agencies responded to the area of Bear Run Road and Runnymede Road near Taneytown, Carroll County, Maryland, regarding a two-vehicle road-rage incident that resulted in gunshots being fired and one subject deceased.

Investigators learned Davon Joseph DABBS, a 20 year old male with a Taneytown address, and his 26 year old male passenger, also of Taneytown, exited one vehicle. Christopher Patrick Moore 2nd, a 36 year old male also with a Taneytown address, exited the second vehicle. The three subjects engaged in a verbal dispute which turned physical. Moore’s fiancé, a 33 year old female, also of Taneytown, arrived at the location during the altercation. She witnessed Moore being assaulted, and she exited her vehicle with her legally owned and carried handgun.

Moore’s fiancé told investigators that she announced that she had a handgun, hoping this would de-escalate the assault. Instead, DABBS rushed at her, and a physical assault ensued for possession of the firearm, resulting in DABBS being shot in the left leg. At one point, DABBS was able to gain possession of the handgun, and assaulted her with multiple strikes to the face.   DABBS then fired multiple rounds, one of which struck his passenger in the hand and two of which struck Moore in the chest.  The female victim suffered a broken jaw, and injuries to the head and face, and was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment.  DABBS and his passenger were transported to a regional hospital for medical treatment for their injuries, which were not life-threatening. Moore was pronounced deceased at the scene.

None of the other passengers of any of the vehicles were injured.

On July 6th, 2024, DABBS was arrested at a Taneytown residence without incident. He was transported to Carroll County Central Booking and charged with the following criminal offenses:

CR-201  Murder in the First Degree – Christopher Patrick Moore 2nd

CR3-202 Assault in the First Degree – Christopher Patrick Moore 2nd

CR3-203 Assault in the Second Degree – Christopher Patrick Moore 2nd

CR3-202 Assault in the First Degree – Female victim

CR3-203 Assault in the Second Degree – Female victim

(All individuals are presumed innocent of the pending charges until proven guilty in a court of law)

If anyone has any additional information about this incident, please contact Detective Ehrhart at 410-386-2599 or [email protected].