US Senate Candidate Visits Frederick

She stopped at the Asian-American Center on Old National Pike

Democratic US Senate candidate Angela Alsobrooks.  (Photo from her campaign’s Facebook page)




Frederick, Md (KM) The Asian-American Center of Frederick played host on Saturday to Democratic Senatorial candidate Angela Alsobrooks. The current Prince George’s County Executive spoke with WFMD News during her visit, where she talked about her travels around Maryland in her campaign to become a US Senator. “Marylanders share so many of the same cares and concerns, and being on the campaign trail has helped me to hear first hand from them. And to, again, reaffirm my faith and hope about the future of both our state and country,” she said.

Alsobrooks is facing Republican and former Governor Larry Hogan in the general election. Whoever wins will replace Incumbent Senator Ben Cardin who is retiring when his current term is up in January, 2025. .

During the interview with WFMD, Alsobrooks spoke about Hogan. “He is handpicked by {Senate Minority Leader} Mitch McConnell; he was endorsed by Donald Trump because they share one goal in mind: that is to grow a majority in the Senate, and to control the agenda in the way I believe will take away freedom,” she says.

One issue which came up during her conversation with WFMD was a woman’s right to choose when it comes to health care. If she’s elected, Alsobrooks says she will co-sponsor the Women’s Health Protection Act. “To codify in federal law a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. I will be fighting to preserve IVF {in-vitro fertilization} and contraception, and to  make sure once again we’ll be allowing women and their doctors to make  decisions about health care,” says Alsobrooks.

She also wants to increase health care access. “To make sure that we are not only investing in Medicaid and Medicare, but we’re doing things like capping the out-of-pocket costs of prescription drugs, capping the costs of insulin. which has been done through the Inflation Reduction Act, but we’ve got to do it for more families,” she said.

Prior to being elected as County Executive in Prince George’s County, Alsobrooks was that county’s State’s Attorney. “More children die in the United States  of gun violence. Not disease, not accidents. But I’ll be working to ban assault weapons and get ghost guns off the street,”: she says.

A question on the minds of many Democrats is whether President Joe Biden should drop out of the race for the White House following his poor performance in a debate with Republican Donald Trump. Alsobrooks says “no.” “President Biden is our  Democratic nominee. I support his re-election,” she responded. “I believe that President Biden had a very strong first term as President. He has done historic work in terms of passing, for example, the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the same one that’s  benefiting states and counties all  across the country.”

She also credited Biden with the Inflation Reduction Act that caps the cost of insulin and the out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs.   He also done “great work:” in preserving the US’ position in NATO.

“I support his re-election,” Alsobrooks says.


By Kevin McManus