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Radio for a Cause

Radio for a Cause

The mission of Radio For a Cause is to promote awareness and support of the causes and charities located in Frederick and surrounding counties. Learn more about these amazing causes that are happening right now and need your support. Click on listen now to open the podcast archive of our Radio For A Cause features and…read more »

Spotlight on Local Business

Podcast About Spotlight on Local Business: Local business is the backbone of our economy and at WFMD we are proud to put the spotlight on our local businesses. This feature is designed to provide local businesses the occasion to let consumers know what products and services they offer and what they do best. Each week,…read more »

Weekend Free Talk Express With Bob Dacey

WFMD’s Weekend News magazine featuring audio from local talk shows. Produced by Bob Decey. I have been been working at WFMD and WFRE for the past eight years handling a variety of jobs. I started in sports running various sporting events on the air. As other jobs became available I added them to my Resume. I…read more »