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The Forum agenda for January 30th, 2021

There is No Hoax, There is No Fraud 

No one is lying.  The experts are clearly right.  The government always has your best interests at heart.  The news media shares nothing but the truth.  “The science” is never influenced by politics.  Masks save lives.  Lockdowns are loving.  Congregations need not gather together for worship.  Everyone who ever said a good thing about Orange Man is a bad person… a domestic terrorist, in fact.

Frederick’s Forum gives you all the proof you need this week.

The Forum agenda for January 23rd, 2021

Communicating at a Time When Communication is “Cancelled”

Individuals “unfriending” one another.  Family members no longer speaking to one another.  Activists targeting businesses for closure.  Big Tech shutting down the most significant threat to their monopoly.

How do we respond?  Are all situations and circumstances equal?  This, and more, is what we cover on this episode of Frederick’s Forum.

The Forum agenda for January 16th, 2021

Aftermath is Prelude

Disagreement over election results, legal battles, citizen rallies, and political posturing.  These have dominated the news cycle for months.

Dramatic responses to these happenings have radically altered the course of American history and the lives that each individual is now allowed to lead.  What will this mean for you, for your family, for the community within which you live?  We share experiences and insights during this episode of Frederick’s Forum.

These are important days.  The battle over truth is a crisis that has culture in critical condition.

The Forum agenda for January 9th, 2021

The Rally for Election Integrity

January 6th in Washington DC is a day that will not soon be forgotten.

Lot’s of people have lots of opinions based upon a select set of videos that they’ve seen and also the Big Media accounts shared by people who weren’t at the event.  This Frederick’s Forum show details the experience of one person who was actually there.

The Forum agenda for November 21st, 2020

A String of “Best of” shows and Special Programs

The show on November 21st was live, but then through the holidays we ran a string of shows featuring highlights for previous 2020 Frederick’s Forum episodes, as well as some seasonal and “year in review” type stuff.  Thanks for supporting the show this year, and for the past couple of decades, too.  2021 will surely hold additional surprises around every corner.  Better buckle up.  Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Joyous New Year!

The Forum agenda for November 14th, 2020

The Country You Want to Have is at Stake

The challenges are at every level: global, national, and local.  What can be done to effect change against such a monster?  Fortunately there are, believe it or not, immediate solutions with far reaching impact.  There are things you can do.  And that’s what’s crucial… things YOU can do.

This week’s Forum addresses the problem and then advances the case for 8 very specific things to be done by you as an individual.  These are 8 things that all people who love their family, love their neighbor, love their church, and love their country can (and should) do beginning asap.

Hope exists.  Purpose for your life awaits.  You can participate in the victory.

Frederick’s Forum agenda for November 7th, 2020

Getting Outside of Their Lane Just Ain’t Right

Judges and justices, local and national politicians, paying for college, individual wealth and income…  They’re all conneceted in an important way.  The Forum will talk about it.

Plus, the Forum tackles the election morass and other things that just ain’t right.

It’s always the fastest sixty minutes in radio as we make the Forum great again.  #MFGA

Frederick’s Forum agenda for October 31th, 2020

We Live During Strange Days 

Remember when Halloween was our only crazy day of the year?  The non-stop craziness of life in 2020 seems impossible to solve.  But this week on The Forum we answer all the questions.  Yep.  All of them.  (Well, okay… a lot of them.)  One at a time.  Simple and foolproof answers.

Power hungry politicians?  The illusion of unseen threats?  Punitive economic decisions?  Runaway taxation?  Oppressive policies ruling the schools?  Trust in public institutions at an all time low?  People being abused?  Dishonest elections?  Obvious censorship and bias?  The attack on liberty and freedom?

What are the answers?  After this week’s Forum we’ll all know.

Frederick’s Forum agenda for October 24th, 2020

The FCPS Kingpins are still at it. The local oligarchs are still spending YOUR money.

It’s become a government of the labor unions, by the labor unions, for the labor unions.

Big Brother is watching you.  The socialists never saw a freedom they didn’t yearn to destroy.

Law enforcement in the news.  And so much more.  It’s a busy, busy show.

Frederick’s Forum agenda for October 17th, 2020

There was an attempted takeover of the show by leftists, but it was successfully foiled.  As Troy Skinner was busy officiating a wedding, his troops defended the hill on Saturday and rebroadcast some of the most important communiqués from recent months on The Forum.  These include:

Councilman Kai Hagen’s “harrassing” behavior toward constituents.

The government excuses for controling the lives of citizens.

Enemies on the crazy left seeing themselves as heroes.

When removal of freedom and misandrist bias becomes the norm.


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Troy also served as the network producer of the Orlando Magic Radio Network for this NBA team’s first two years of existence. He also became the senior producer/sidekick of a daily sports radio show before then being offered the opportunity to host his own call-in sports radio program on a network of seventeen stations throughout the state of Florida. Affectionately known to listeners as “Mr. Cub”, Troy’s wife, Dina became known as “Mrs. Cub” after he proposed to her live on the air. (Their two children were later dubbed “Babies Cub”.)

Troy departed Orlando to become Executive Producer of WSYR in Syracuse. One year later he was named Assistant Program Director for News Talk WSYR and Sports Talk WHEN. One year after that he added the title of MAPs Director. (Marketing, Advertising, and Promotions Director.) After one more year Troy was named Program Director for both WSYR and WHEN; before adding the responsibilities of News Director, as well.

During his time in Syracuse WSYR was the recipient of numerous local and regional Associated Press awards, the Edward R. Murrow Award for news excellence, and the National Association of Broadcaster’s Crystal Award in recognition of service to the community.

Troy departed Syracuse to join the Affiliate Sales division of national program syndicator Westwood One. Then in 2001, Troy was in Frederick as a member of the WFMD/WFRE local sales team, where he was elevated to Local Sales Manager in 2004, General Sales Manager in 2007, and later to Director of Sales before leaving for a stint at WRBS radio in Baltimore, and then returning to WFMD/WFRE.