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Frederick's Forum

Frederick’s Forum: September 12th, 2020

This show is basically about bravery.  Those who have it.  Those who don’t.  And those who work to undermine it. 

  • Goggles, masks, and other face coverings.
  • Digging out from under the overlord dictated lockdowns.
  • The “Frederick Wall of Shame” wearing masks in more way than one.

Frederick’s Forum: September 5th, 2020

This week’s Forum hits upon:

  • The US Census response rate for Frederick County.
  • The sentencing of the two teens who killed John Weed during last year’s Great Frederick Fair.
  • Congressman David Trone’s tattle-tailing on the birthday party of his challenger Neil Parrot.
  • The nutty mask requirements.
  • And the effort to STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN MARYLAND on October 17th.  (To help assist in securing a location and/or tents, or for more information about donating money and resources to the event, contact the Frederick County Conservative Club at  You can also call Fred Propheter at 240-344-5000.  Some of those involved with this event are: The Tentacle, Save Our Children, and Heartly House.)

Frederick’s Forum: August 29th, 2020

Are Racists in the School System Teaching Kids to Reject Traditional American Values?

Cindy Rose, longtime education advocate, returns to the studio for the second consecutive week as a guest for the full hour.

On August 22nd she helped Frederick’s Forum touch upon issues related to schools in the new coronavirus world of fear.

On the 29th she will help the show tackle:  “Race” issues.  A neo-Marxist influenced curriculum.  And what’s being said about sex by teachers to students.

Frederick’s Forum August 22nd, 2020

The School Situation is Nuts

Cindy Rose, longtime advocate for students and the parents of students, is in-studio as a guest for the hour.  Some things touched upon:

Students welcomed back in some settings, but not in others.

Teachers working from home versus working in the classroom.

Honeschool vs Private School vs Public School

What the school board and school administration are saying and doing.

Teacher’s unions, taxpayer dollars, student sports seasons, and even admitted “racists” teaching our kids.

This is all on this week’s curriculum for the show.

Frederick’s Forum August 15th, 2020

Anti-Social Media

In the old days we’d get letters.  Then letters were largely replaced by email.  Now letters and emails TO the show have been replaced by internet posts ABOUT the show.  On this episode of Frederick’s Forum Troy Skinner takes time to respond to these comments about the show, and it’s host, and the radio station as a whole, and even you the listener.  Yes, the anti-social media posts had somethinmg to say about all of us, and respnding to these thoughts was quite fun.

Program Air Date: Saturday, August 8th, 2020

Whiping Out Statues, Team Names, Flags, and Careers – All in the Name of Political Correctness

Confedederate statues and flags are soid to be no good.  The Washington Redskins are said to be no good.  (And in ways that have nothing to do with the team’s on field performance.)  Even saying “all lives matter” is said to be no good.  This edition of Frederick’s Forum tackles such issues (unlike the Redskins who struggle to tackle anything).  We joke because we love.  🙂

Program Air Date: Saturday, August 1st, 2020

A Snapshot on Local News

Thoughts on:

The “We Back Blue” rally

The audit of the Sherriff’s 287(g) Program

High-level crimes committed by very young perpetrators

Delegate Dan Cox suing His Majesty the King Larry Hogan

People boycotting stores

In-person versus mail-in voting

Program Air Date: Saturday, July 25th, 2020

Misguided Efforts to “Promote ‘Racial’ Equity and ‘Social’ Justice in Frederick County

Elected officials in Frederick Couty say there is systemic “racism” in our govenment.  The City of Frederick declares “racism” a “public health crisis”

“The Left” is in control and on the march.  Do those on “The Right” recognize this?


Program Air Date: Saturday, July 18th, 2020

Frederick County Councilman Hassles a Man While Shopping

And not only did Kai Hagen hassle the man for not wearing a face mask, the councilman bragged about it on Facebook (which many in the community found irksome and parody worthy).

During this show Troy reads the now inaccessible Facebook post aloud in it’s entirety.  Then the listeners share their thoughts on-air.


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