Latter-Day Messages


Latter-Day Messages

The host of “Latter Day Messages” is C. Paul Smith, an attorney and a long-time resident of Frederick, Maryland.  Paul served as Vice President of the Board of County Commissioners for four years (2010-2014), and prior to that he was a Frederick City Alderman (2005-2009).  Paul has been a Maryland lawyer since 1978.  His family moved to Frederick in 1979.  Paul and his wife Terry have twelve children, ten of whom graduated from Frederick High School.  Paul and Terry have been active members in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all of their lives.  Paul served as bishop of the Frederick Ward from 1994-2000.  Paul and Terry served a mission for their church in Ft. Worth, Texas from 2017-2018.  As a young man, Paul served a mission in France (1970-1972).  Eight of their children have served missions for their church—Stephen to Japan; Philip and Jimmy to Argentina; Daniel to Romania; Peter to Utah; Paul, Jr. to Italy; John to Canada; and Michael to Poland.

All nine of Paul’s and Terry’s sons have received the Eagle Scout Award.  Paul has been active as a leader in Scouting for many years.  In 2013, he received the Silver Beaver Award.

Paul has authored several books on both politics and religion:  The Fetal Right to Life Argument (1977);  I Will Send My Messenger (1988, 2019); The State of the Constitution—2017 (2017); The Prophet Joseph Smith—Restoration Issues (2019); and The Capitalism Argument (2019).

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