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Bob’s Blog: Chicken Law

Why did the Chicken Cross the road? Because she realized she was on the same side of the street as Doc Geisers.
Looks like the quote from SR Rubino has finally come home to roost in Frederick city “Chickens are the new dog!” It may just Ruffle a few feathers.
The Frederick City board Alderman who were tired of walking on egg shells, finally made the decision that will surely make some as happy as a rooster in a hen house and approved an amendment to the city code to permit up to six hens on residential properties
Before the Alderman Stuck their necks out They wanted to make sure that any decision they made didn’t leave them with egg on their face.
I guess they wanted something they could crow about. Opps, sorry roosters are not allowed.

Not everything is as cracked up as it should be. They’re many rules before you can rule the roost
So here are the details :
Eligibility:City residents with individually owned backyards and a lot size of at least 2,500 square feet.
Number:One for every 500 square feet of backyard area, with a maximum of six chickens.
Type:Hens only, no roosters.
Process:Applications approved and licenses given through the public works department.
Enclosures: Hens must be kept in covered, predator-resistant henhouse or coop. The coop must also be within either a fenced backyard or a fenced-in enclosure at least 4 feet high.
Enforcement:Those who violate the regulations in the ordinance can have their licenses revoked or suspended and their birds seized and impounded by animal control officers.
Before we put all our eggs into one basket let’s take a look at one city, Miami who allowed chickens in the city. Now they were running around like “Chickens with their heads cut off” because they had thousands of Ferrell chickens strutting their stuff. That made the same people who allowed it Madder than a wet hen.The problem got so bad they had to hire Chicken buster squads ( I kid you not) to wrangle the feisty Feathered fiends.
I am not trying to be chicken Little here and being afraid the sky is falling. I want to have a Sunny side up attitude about this. But I have a feeling that decision will stick in my craw for a while. If you want to be a farmer, move to the country.
I hope the city didn’t lay an egg.

Love this new Pizza boxes

Vinnie’s Pizzeria has made being eco-friendly delicious. The Brooklyn, New York pizza shop has unleashed a pizza pie that comes inside a box actually made of pizza in an attempt to cut down on the amount of cardboard boxes wasted.

“Sometimes I get a little annoyed by customers that ask for a box, and then sit down [in the shop] and eat the piece of pizza and throw the box into my trash can,” co-owner Sean Berthiaume explains. “It got me thinking, I wish they could eat the box.”

This isn’t the first time the pizza maker has gotten creative. Last year, he created a pie that had mini slices of pizza on top. No word on whether Vinnie’s still offers that particular creation, but the pie that comes in an edible box will run you $40.

Source: Gothamist 


pizza box

Before you get married, you need to have this conversation

When you’ve met the person of your dreams and you’re ready to tie the knot and live happily ever after, you’ve probably covered the big things. Like, you’ve most likely talked about whether or not you want kids, where you want to live and how you’ll afford that life. But relationship expert April Masini says these are probably some important conversations you haven’t had with your fiancé yet, because you didn’t know how important they were.

  • What place your exes have in your lives – Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean your close friendship with your ex isn’t a big deal to your fiancé. You might have been friends for years, but your life partner could still feel threatened. So don’t assume anything and talk about your exes if they’re in your lives.
  • How you’ll divide household labor – A marriage is only part romance, and there’s lots of hard work, too – some of it is housework. So figure out how things work best for your life together. Masini says you only have so much time, energy, space, and money to deal with, and the way you use it is crucial to your happiness. You’re probably not going to split everything fairly right down the middle – just do what feels like a good balance to you both.
  • How your in-laws are included in your marriage – You might think that time with family will sort itself out, but you’d be wrong. “In-laws can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back — and the camel in this case, is the marriage,” says Masini. “That’s why it’s important to strategize about how to deal with in-laws before the marriage.” Figure out how to alternate holidays with each of your family’s or how to trade off so you’re both happy and your folks are as well.
  • What’s on your bucket list – If your life-long dream is to sell all your stuff to become a cross-country trucker, you should probably tell your fiancé about this goal early on. Don’t wait until you’re hitched to share surprises with your sweetie. They want to support your dreams, but you can’t blindside them.

Source: YourTango

What City is the Best Griller?

While it’s not quite summer yet, lots of us are already dreaming about the warm weather and the steaks on the grill, and it seems there are some cities where that barbecue is dying to be used more than others.

According to some new research that uncovered America’s Top 10 Grilling Hot Spots, the biggest grillers in the country are in Atlanta, which makes sense considering it’s almost always hot in the city. Although not all top grilling spots are generally warm states. In fact, Washington, DC, Minniapolis and Boston all made the Top Ten.

Top Ten Grilling Spots in America

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Miami, FL
  4. Kansas City, MO
  5. Minneapolis, MN
  6. Boston, MA
  7. Cincinnati, OH
  8. San Francisco, CA
  9. Pittsburgh, PA
  10. Tampa, FL

And it seems grilling isn’t just for the men of the house anymore. The study found that nearly half of all women say they’re the primary grillers in the household, and of the women who aren’t the main grillers, the majority say they would gladly man the grill more often.

Source: The Street

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