Maryland Highway Association Cautions Safety in Work Zones as Construction Projects Increase

FREDERICK, Md. (KR)  As the weather gets warmer, fatal work zone crashes tend to be higher than other times of the year.

The Maryland Highway Association wants to remind drivers the importance of being safe while driving, especially through work zones. Dave Buck with the Maryland Highway Association  says driving needs full time attention.

“In this day in age of people trying to get places quicker and being pulled different ways and people looking at their phones, having the kids in the car and changing the radio, there’s so much going on and then there’s work zones; and they require even more attention,” said Buck.

A lot of times people try to jump ahead of other traffic heading into work zones and cause serious accidents, said Buck.

“When you see a vehicle that’s got the lights engaged on the side of the road it’s to try to give them more space. I mean, the only thing protecting the workers out there are cones and barrels,” said Buck.

According to The Maryland Highway Association nationally, on average 700 people lose their lives annually in work zone-related crashes.