‘Stamp Out Hunger’ Taking Place This Weekend

It’s being sponsored by the Religious Coalition & postal workers.

The Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs and the National Association of Letter Carriers is working to “Stamp Out Hunger.” It’s an annual food drive to help fill up area food bank pantries.

Reverend Brian Scott, the Executive Director of the Religious Coalition, says residents are encouraged to put non-perishable food in bags out by the mailbox on Saturday morningĀ  for US Postal Service carriers to pick up them up as they deliver the mail. “That food will be delivered backĀ  to local post offices and be distributed to food banks throughout Frederick County that are helping to feed the hungry,” he says.

Last year, more than 18,000 pounds of food was collected as part of “Stamp Out Hunger,” according to Reverend Scott. He hopes this year’s drive will collect 25,,000 pounds of food. “Altogether there are 1400 families each month that are assisted by local food banks throughout Frederick County. So this drive will make a difference,” he says.

In addition, Reverend Scott says food banks are facing a difficult problem this time of year. “The summer’s also a time when it’s a little bit low on food donations. So this is really where we need the help the most,” he says.

Some of the items needed for the food banks include canned fruits, vegetables and soups, boxes of pasta and rice and peanut butter.

Reverend Scott says many of “our neighbors in need” include the unemployed, and the elderly and those with disabilities who may be living on a fixed income.

“Any of us could be in need of a local food bank at any point in time. Many people are only a paycheck away from homelessness, poverty or needing a local food bank,” says Reverend Scott. “So we really appreciate everybody’s gift and support.”

If you forget to leave out bags of non-perishable food on Saturday morning for the postal service carrier, Scott says you can drop off a donation at a local post office, where a collection area will be set up.