New Md. Driver’s Licenses To Be Issued Beginning Mon., June 20th

MVA says they will help protect against identity theft & fraud.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration will begin issuing new driver’s licenses on Monday, June 20th. The agency says these new licenses  will have a number of security features to protect against identity theft and fraud.

“It’s actually laser engraved which means the printing is embedded in the card body itself,” says MVA Administrator Christine Nizer. “Most printing is on the top surface, but this is actually embedded in the card, making it very difficult to counterfeit or to make a license and change the information.”

The current license design was adopted in 2003, but Nizer says technology has changed since then. “We had heard from law enforcement that there were issues in terms of seeing counterfeit Maryland licenses. We know that identity theft is a major concern nationwide. And so we wanted to make sure that Maryland residents really had that security of having a very safe document,” she says.

The card also has a polycarbonate body, changeable laser image, tactile text and an inventory control number.

Unlike current practice, Nizer says residents will not receive their new licenses on the same day they visit the MVA to renew or apply for a license. She says you still visit your local MVA and fill out the necessary forms. “If required, you take tests, you get your photo taken, you pay the fees,” says Nizer. “If you’re renewing, you’ll keep your existing card and you get an interim document receipt. You carry those two things with you. You will receive your new card in the mail in seven to 10 days.”

MVA says the new licenses will be processed at a secure facility, rather than the local MVA office.

You can also renew on line.

But you’re license is still valid, you don’t have to get a new one until it nearing its expiration,  Nizer says. “If you license is still valid, no need to do anything. Your license remains good and in effect so there’s no concern there,” she says.

For more information on this new license, you can go on line to, and click on Card Visuals.