Shreve Invites Citizens To Sit In On A Concealed Weapons Class

It will be held on Friday at Hendershot Sporting Goods in Hagerstown.

Frederick, Md (KM)  It’s a rather unusual invitation from an elected official: Frederick County Councilman Billy Shreve is inviting the public, the media and elected officials to come to a free, one-day Maryland Wear and Carry training class taking place at Hendershot Sporting Goods in Hagerstown. “I think it’s important as we enter this new phase in life for our nation that we all understand firearms and what it takes to be safe with a firearm and to be responsible,  and the responsibility that comes with ownership and potentially carrying a firearm,” he says.

The free session will take place on Friday, July 29th from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM at Hendershot Sporting Goods at 19828 National Pike in Hagerstown.

Shreve says people who come can stay for the whole day, or leave after an hour or more. They can decide at that time whether they want to continue with the training, or drop out. “Maybe take the class, check out for free and see if it’s something they want to pay for and then apply for it,” he says.

Shreve says in a statement that he’s taking the course, citing “random violence against innocent people and police is running rampant.”

He also says it would be beneficial for elected officials to take the class because they could be making decisions regarding firearms and the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. “As we have this conversation about the increased violence in this country, we need to be educated about the issues and make responsible decisions regarding our personal safety and the safety of our country,” he says.

So far, Shreve says he’s received some positive response to his invitation. “Several people have called me and I’ve talked to them about it,” he says. “It’s something that many people are considering, and just want to learn more how to go about it. And are interested in the training.”

Anyone who wants to attend a class can call Alan Mullendore, an instructor at Hendershot, at 240-347-4883, or [email protected].

Maryland law says anyone who wants a permit to wear and carry a handgun should be at least 21-years of age, and complete a firearms safety training course. They also have to demonstrate a “good and substantial” reason to carry a firearms.

State law says those who cannot carry or wear a firearm are individuals convicted of a disqualifying crime;  be a fugitive from justice;  be a “habitual drunkard” or be addicted to a controlled dangerous substance (drugs); spent more than 30 consecutive days in a medical institution for a mental disorder;  have lawsuits pending against them; and committed offenses as a juvenile that would been a disqualifying crime if they were adults. .