Pipe Bomb Detonated On Top Of Police Cruiser in Thurmont

FREDERICK, Md. Tensions were high in Thurmont this morning, as a pipe bomb exploded on an officers cruiser.

Officers say a woman heard the explosion and saw damage to the front end of the officer’s vehicle on the street. Thurmont Police Chief Greg Eyler, said the incident is currently under investigation.

“Approximately 12 a.m., one of my officers parked his cruiser out front of his residence, he was going off duty. Around 12:30 a.m., residents of Clark Avenue, here in Thurmont, heard an explosion. They reported it to the police department and checked the area and determined that a metal pipe bomb was detonated on top of the cruiser,” said Eyler.

In light of the recent anger towards police nationwide, Eyler said, this hits him very hard.

“I take anything personal that involves my officers, if they try to hurt my officers or do anything to their vehicles or their homes or anything, I take that personal and we are going to find out who did this,” said Eyler.

Eyler said no one was injured in the explosion.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Thurmont Police Department at 301-271-0905.