Golden Mile Alliance Offering Grants for Business Improvements Along Route 40

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) For the second year the Golden Mile Alliance has been giving property owners along Route 40 the chance to apply for a grant to improve their business. This year, the Golden Mile Alliance has already awarded $15-thousand to the Waverly Center for renovations and repairs, leaving $7-thousand dollars still available to distribute.

Justin Kiska, with the Golden Mile Alliance says any business may apply for the funding as long as they are located in the Golden Mile Small Area Plan.

“This is part of the state’s community legacy fund and this is money that is given to the city to be used for property and facade improvements,” said Kiska.

Since the Golden Mile Alliance began administering the program last year, they have awarded close to $40,000 in grant money to improve the look of Route 40.

“It’s everything from putting up a new sign to re-painting, re-fixing any sort of cracks or problems,” said Kiska.

According to The Golden Mile Alliance, the program will match up to fifty percent of the money for a project with a minimum of one thousand dollars when a business applies for the grant.

Anyone interested in applying for the grant can to go

By: Katie Ryan