Police Arrest Man After Drugs Were Found In Backpack

Inside the backpack was a digital scale and marijuana


FREDERICK, Md. (DG)-Frederick Police took a man into custody on Wednesday for drug possession charges after a traffic stop.

According to police, a vehicle was seen on Waverly Drive with an inoperable brake light around 6:30 PM.

The car was pulled over in the area of Hawthorne Square, off of Key Parkway. Officers made contact with the driver and four passengers. Police say everyone was acting extremely nervous and the driver was visibly shaking.

A K-9 officer was called to the scene. One of the passengers said he had marijuana. The passenger gave police a small baggie of marijuana weighing one gram.

The vehicle was searched and officers found a backpack belonging to Ever Gomez. Inside the backpack was a digital scale and a glass jar containing approximately 10 grams of marijuana. Also inside the jar were four small baggies containing one gram of marijuana each, and another baggie containing 14 grams of marijuana. Inside another pocket in the backpack, officers found a baggie containing 56 grams of marijuana.

Gomez was placed under arrest. He has been charged with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession with intent to distribute.

By:  Dianah Gibson