Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Verifies Sex Offender Addresses

Deputies found 20 positively verified, three were could be confirmed.

Westminster, Md (KM)  Between October 6th and 13th, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office conducted address compliance checks for those required to register as sex offenders.

Authorities say deputies responded to a total of 23 offender addresses, and found 20 were found to be positively verified; three could not be confirmed at this time.

They say no violations were discovered.

Addresses that could not be confirmed will be checked later this month as time permits. Any addresses left unchecked will be added to a new list for future verification, the Sheriff’s Office says.

The Maryland Criminal Procedure Article requires all sex offenders within Carroll County to register with the Sheriff’s Office. Tier One offenders must register bi-annually for 15 years; Tier Two offenders must registered bi-annually for 25 years; Tier Three offenders must register quarterly for a lifetime.

All homeless registrants must register once a week.

By Kevin McManus