Trial Of Former Golf Pro Continues

He’s charged with two counts of theft scheme.

Frederick, Md (KM)  The prosecution expects to rest its case against Donald Joseph Frost, 51, by Friday. The former manager of the Clustered Spires Golf Course in Frederick is charged with one counts of theft scheme between $1,000 to under $10,000, and another count of theft scheme between $10,000 and $100,000.

“We began the day {on Wednesday} by recalling Gerry Kolbfleisch. He’s the Finance Director for the City of Frederick,” says State’s Attorney Charlie Smith. “He testified about the procedures related to the golf course, and issuing checks to Baltimore Golf which is part of the alleged theft scheme in this particular matter.”

Frost is accused of bilking the City of Frederick, which owns Clustered Spires Golf Course, out of $30,000 while he worked at the facility. Prosecutors say sold golf grips purchased with city money and kept all of the profits. Frost is also allegedly to have  had lost golf balls collected and sold to a company for reconditioning.

Smith says Laura McGraw with the city’s Finance Office also testified. “She talked about essentially about the golf course daily sales data and inventory sheet, and how the grips were not reflected on that,” he said. “And then finally, Tracy Whitehouse, whose a CPA expert, explained the audit procedures for the City of Frederick, and how they tested the books of the golf course.

He says the police detectives who investigated the case against Donald Frost will be on the witness stand on Thursday.

Smith says cases like these are very complex. “Theft cases are very detailed. They take a lot of witnesses and a lot of details in order to set forth the state’s case,” he said.

Smith expects the State to rest its case by Friday.

By Kevin McManus