Health Officials Advising Holiday Stress Can Affect Asthma

FREDERICK,Md. (KR)  The holidays can be a stressful time of the year, especially for the millions of Americans that are living with asthma. The American Lung Association in Maryland says people suffering with the chronic lung disease, like asthma, must plan ahead for holiday traveling and fun.

Deborah Brown, President and CEO of American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic says large events outside of a normal routine can trigger an attack.

“The American Lung Association has put together a list of ideas and ways to help alleviate some of the holiday anxiety that can come with holidays in general,” said Brown.

Brown said a change in the environment, stressful situations, and allergens can cause symptoms. Bringing a special pillowcase or mattress cover to protect from allergens and dust mite exposure can help to prevent a flare-up.

“We’re encouraging people traveling with medication to keep it on person so that they have it easily accessible,” said Brown.

According to the American Lung Association in Maryland there are over 393,571 adults and 130,567 children with asthma. For more information visit