Christmas Tree Recycling at After the Holidays

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) The Frederick County Office of Recycling is asking residents to bring their Christmas trees to one of the county’s yard waste recycling sites after the holidays. The office says they will be giving the trees new life and processing them into mulch and compost.

Ann Marie Creamer, Recycling Outreach Coordinator, says the tree must be completely bare of ornaments, lights, and all plastic ties before it is dropped off

“It starts right after Christmas. This year the program runs December 26th through January 29th. So, you have just over a month to get that tree out to us,” said Creamer.

She said there are multiple drop-off sites around to the county to recycle the trees.

“We have all seven sites listed as well as any information you need on them. We also run ads in local newspapers to make sure that information is well publicized,” said Creamer.

Creamer said all yard waste including Christmas trees are banned from landfill disposal. For more information visit,