37,000 Assessment Notices Go Out This Week

It shows an average 6% increase in property valuations.

Frederick, Md (KM)  The period between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays means that it’s time for assessment notices to go out in Frederick County. Local Supervisor of Assessments Doris White says about 37,000 will be sent out this week to some property owners in the county. “The residential accounts are the ones that are located in the immediate area surrounding Frederick city, which we call District 28,” she says. “And then the residential and commercial accounts in Mount Pleasant, Lewistown, Walkersville, Woodsboro, Liberty, Unionville and Johnsville Districts.”

The assessment notices are expected to be mailed out on Wednesday, she says.
White says there has been some changes since these properties were last assessed. “It look like about a 6% increase in residential and commercial,” she says. “This is the largest increase since 2008.”
White points out that these are not tax bills, and property owners who feel their assessment are incorrect have 45 days to file an appeal. “Certainly, it’s their right,” she says. “If they’re concerned about the value or don’t agree with it, for any reason, they should appeal. That’s our job and that’s their right as property owners.”

Instructions on how to file an appeal are contained with the assessment notices.

White says her office doesn’t receive as many appeals as in the past. She says most people  who call or come in have questions about their assessments, and how they were developed.

When these assessments are determined, White says her staff looks  at property sales in the area. She says she has noticed some trends in the county when it comes to property values. “We have noticed that southern Frederick County seems to really be increasing in residential values,” she says. “We don’t why, except that it’s probably because it’s where people work so that the demand is higher for properties in that location.”


By Kevin McManus