Maryland Del. Bill Folden Looking Forward to the Start of the 2017 Legislative Session

FREDERICK, Md. (KR) The 2017 Legislative Session begins today at noon, and Delegate Bill Folden has a few items that he is is looking forward to presenting.

This is Bill Folden’s third year returning to the House of Delegates. Folden says, one issue that needs to be addressed right away is the state’s budget.

“Well first of all we’ve got to work very diligently on this budget issue, that’s come up in the eleventh hour of the democrats passing. Mandated spending, that’s just unacceptable to do that at the very end of session and then ramrod it through and just think that it was acceptable and that we were just going to take that,” said Folden.

He said another bill that he plans to introduce is having students attend public schools for a certain amount of ‘hours’—not days.

“Kind of like West Virginia does, ya know, if we can add a little bit of time, fifteen minutes to whatever school day, that would make up about eleven days over the course of the year for the kids. That way we’re not having to hear from the other side of the aisle about well now we’re not getting enough days,” said Folden.

Folden said he will also introduce legislation to improve the congestion on local roadways and interstates.