Frederick Residents March, Rally To Show Support For Muslim Community

They were also protesting the President’s travel ban from seven majority-Muslim countries.


Frederick, Md (KM)  Carrying signs reading “Don’t Let Alternative Facts Brainwash You” and  “Islamophobia Is Not Freedom,” just over 1,000 people marched and rallied in Frederick on Friday afternoon to show support for the local Muslim community. They walked on the sidewalks  from  Key Parkway to Willowdale Drive to West Patrick Street, turning on to McCain Drive and ending  up at the Islamic Center on Key Parkway. They were protesting President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning people from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, the Sudan, Libya and Yemen from entering the US. The order would also bar entry of any refugees from Syria.

“We think it is wrong. It is not Constitutional. Everybody has equal rights. There’s shouldn’t be any religious discrimination,” says Syed Haque, the President of the Frederick County Muslim Council. “And we feel that we are being pointed out.”

A federal judge has temporarily blocked the executive order, which also suspends the US refugee program.

Sixth District Congressman John Delaney (D) came along show his support for the marchers. “This is not what we are as a country. This is not what we stand for. This is not going to make us more safe. This is going to undermine everything people have fought for for so long,” he said.

Other elected officials who took part in the march and rally were Frederick Alderman Michael O’Connor (D), Alderwoman Kelly Russell (D) and County Council President Bud Otis (Independent).

In issuing his executive order, President Trump said this measure is necessary to keep terrorists out of the country. But Nadia Hassan with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, disagrees. “Of all the refugees, 750,000 of them that have come into this country{since 9-11}, not one of them has committed a terrorist act on US soil,” she said, to the applause of an audience,  which gathered for a rally after the march.

One of the organizers of the event, Alisha Barmon of Frederick, said this ban has affected her Muslim neighbors. “I was speaking with a woman today {Friday} who said her family who were going to go on Mecca have now canceled their trip, $10,000 airplane tickets,” she said. “They’re terrified of leaving because they’re afraid won’t be able to come back home.”

Muslims are encouraged to make a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia at least once during their lifetimes.

Another organizer, Ben MacShane of Frederick, said this travel ban could only be the beginning of something much worse. “Are countries going to be added? Are people going to be targeted here? Is this going to be expanded to American citizens of Muslim faith? There’s a lot of worry that this is just the tip of the iceberg,” he said.

On Friday, US District Court Judge James Robart in Seattle, Washington issued a temporarily ruling blocking President’s Trump’s executive order at the request of the states of Washington and Minnesota. He said the states have met the burden in “demonstrating immediate and  irreparable injury.”

Judge Robarts’ ruling also suspends the country’s refugee program.
Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson says this ruling shows that no one is above the law.


The Trump Administration says it plans to appeal this ruling.


By Kevin McManus