What would you do to get out of taxes?

The countdown to tax day is upon us, and with a little over two weeks to go people really need to stop procrastinating and just fill out their returns. Most people who procrastinate likely have to pay the government some money, and it seems a lot of folks would be willing to do anything not to write the government a check. So, what exactly would they be willing to do?

Well, GoBankingRates surveyed 1,000 people and asked them, “Which of the following would you do to get out of paying your taxes?” Their answers included:

  • Perform five karaoke songs for your company — 32%
  • Go without WiFi for one year — 18%
  • Have your credit score reduced by 50 points — 16%
  • Gain 20 pounds — 13%
  • Have your web browsing history made public — 11%
  • Be stuck with skunk stench for six months — 5%
  • Give up half of your retirement savings — 5%

Of all of these choices, the willingness to have one’s credit score drop seems to be the most troubling, especially since as little as 20 points can go a long way towards getting a better interest rate that will save thousands over the course of a home or auto loan. Regardless, Gen Xers are the most willing to let their credit score drop to get out of paying taxes. Meanwhile, it seems Millennials are the least vain of us all, since they are more likely to say they’d be wiling to gain weight if it mean not having to pay the government.

Source: GoBankingRates.com