Councilman Introduces Dog Tethering Bill

It would reduce the amount of time these animals  could be tied up outside.


Frederick, Md (KM). The amount of time a dog can remained tethered outside to a stationary object would be reduced under a bill introduced Tuesday to the Frederick County Council. The legislation sponsored by Councilman Jerry Donald would reduce that time from 10-hours to four hours.

“Dogs that are tethered are almost three times more likely to bite,” he says. “They’re in a restricted situation. And in that restricted restricted situation, they can both become targets of other animals, and they can become aggressive with anything that’s within their reach because they are targets of other animals.”

If the legislation passes, it would be unlawful for anyone  to tether, fasten, chain, tie or restrain a dog to any stationary and inanimate object by means of a rope, chain, strap or other physical restraint for more than four hours in a 24-hour period. The current restriction is 10 hours.

“The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends never tethering, but we’re not looking to do that. People have a reason for putting their dog out,” says Donald. “But I’d like to see the amount of time reduced from ten hours a day to four hours a day.”

Donald says he worked on this bill with the County’s Animal Control Office.

He formally introduced the legislation  to the Council on Tuesday.


By Kevin McManus