Drunk Buster To Make Rounds In Frederick County

It’s designed to show what happens while driving impaired.



Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick Police have teamed up with the Brunswick Police Department in using the Drunk Buster to get the word out about impaired driving.

Spokeswoman Michelle Bowman with the Frederick Police Department says the Drunk Buster is a pedal cart designed to show the impacts of driving while impaired. “It comes with a pair of goggles which simulate different things such as low level blood levels, blood alcohol content, night time goggles; we have impairment goggles, drug impairment,” she says. “So we have eight different types of goggles that they’re going to be able to try on and drive the cart through a coned scenario and they’ll be able to see how they do, and see how dangerous it is to drive under the influence.”
The Drunk Buster will be at the Frederick Community College Spring Fling on Wednesday, May 3rd from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM. Bowman says this is a good chance for college students who tend to celebrate the end of the school year by drinking alcohol to learn about the impacts of impaired driving. .


In addition to alcohol and drug impairment, Bowman says there is a pair of goggles which simulate the dangers of driving after working all night. “A lot of college students as well stay up late, studying for tests and getting their papers done and stuff like that,” she says. “It will simulate the fatigue and how it would affect your driving ability.”


Bowman says the Drunk Buster will make appearances at other community and school events throughout the county in the future.


She says impaired driving in recent years in Frederick County has declined. “We’re very lucky in Frederick to have Uber. We have cabs and we have SOS Safe Ride. We have a lot of things in place to give people alternatives,” she says.


But she says it’s always good to remind young people about the dangers of impaired driving. “The education efforts have definitely helped, but this reaching youth a younger age is always beneficial,” says Bowman.


By Kevin McManus



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