Senator Hough Says Local Governments Should Not Follow Orders in Attorney General Frosh’s ‘Advice’ Letter

FREDERICK, Md. (KR)  Senator Michael Hough says he is getting the word out about a letter that Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh sent out to local governments.

Hough says the letter issued is advice to jails asking them to ignore the detained request from the Department of Homeland security, when someone is arrested for a crime and is in the country illegally.

Hough calls Frosh a hard left politician that is “just trying to make waves for himself.”

“So what the Attorney General is doing and attempting to do on his own, is turn Maryland into a sanctuary state for illegal immigrant criminals. My fear is that a lot of local governments will either hide behind this order and implement it or will be afraid of legal implications and follow it when they should not,” said Hough.

He said it violates the rule of law, could be a harm to public safety and is an awful idea.

“Remember a super democrat majority in the Maryland Senate would not pass this. The Sheriff’s Association unanimously opposed it. Sheriff’s from every jurisdiction opposed this legislation because it was so bad for public safety, it’s ludicrous and undermines the law,” said Hough.

Hough said Frederick County is protected under orders and laws like this because we have a cooperative agreement with the federal government called a  287G Program.