Frederick Man Announces Run For Md. Senate District 3

He says he wants to bring his business experience to Annapolis.

Frederick, Md (KM). A local Burger King franchisee is running for the Maryland State Senate. Republican Craig Giangrande threw his hat into the ring in the race for Senate District 3, a seat currently held by Democrat Ron Young. . “Last election, Senator Young won by a very close margin. And I think at that time people were looking for a change, possibly,” he said.

Giangrande says he wants to create more and better jobs for the community. “Maryland is still one of the top states on the list for being perceived as being negative toward business, in both taxation and regulation,” he says. “I think, little by little, we really should be able to chip away at that perception and that reality.”

As a businessman, Giangrande says he can bring a fresh perspective to being State Senator. “What is needed is less career politicians down in Annapolis, representing Frederick County,” he says. “People with more a real life practical experience in different fields. I just happen to be from the business community.”

He also says government,should adopt some of the practices of businesses “such as budgeting, planning, forecasting. Things that do lend themselves can be lent from the business person’s  perspective to government.”

When it comes to tax dollars, Giangrande wants to “end the rigged system which sends tax dollars to Baltimore,” and to prioritize education so more money goes to students and teachers.

According to his statement announcing his candidacy, Giangrande says he wants “break the corrupt system of partisan redistricting that strengthen special interests lobbyists. ” Most voters agree that to have a fair districting districts for the state is important if people are tp  take stock in their government and believe that it’s working for them,” Giangrande said. “And right now, this gerrymandering that we have is not a good thing.”

As for campaigning, Giangrande said he will wage a “grass roots” campaign, which includes knocking on a lot of doors and speaking with citizens. “This is a new thing for my wife. I know we’re both people persons,” he says.

In addition to being a Burger King franchisee, Giangrande was also a police officer for five years in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

He has lived with his wife for 26 years in District 3, where he also raised his children.


By Kevin McManus