New TransIT Shuttle Route To Start Next Month

It will take passengers from the MARC station to Route 26 corridor.

Frederick, Md (KM) Passengers who use TransIT of Frederick County will have a new shuttle route starting next month. The agency says the North Frederick Shuttle will begin operations on Monday, July 3rd. “The North Frederick  Shuttle will operate along East Street and North Market Street extended up to Monocacy Boulevard and Route 26,” says Kendall Tiffany, Community Relations Manager for TransIT.

One of the stops along the way will be the new Department of Social Services building at 1888 North Market Street. City and county officials had asked that TransIT provide service to the new facility after it was announced that DSS would be moving out of its current facility on East All Saints Street. “Where they currently are, there is service–a lot of TransIT service. This is kind of helps add a little bit more service to that corridor,” says Tiffany.

Other stops along the North Frederick  Shuttle include Fredericktown Village, the Shops at Monocacy, Clemson Corner and the New Wal Mart at the intersection of Route 26 and Monocacy Boulevard.

She also says the new route will ease some of the stress on the #65 Walkersville Connector which takes passengers from Route 26 to Discovery and  Walkersville. “Ever since the new Wal Mart opened, and what not, as ’26 develops more and more, and there’s more people in that corridor, there was definitely a need to help relieve the 65,” says Tiffany.

TransIT says the #65 Connector will operate express service between downtown Frederick and Walkersville, including northbound and southbound stops at the new Wal Mart, Discovery, Walkersville Village Shopping Center and downtown Walkersville. The Walkersville Meet-the-MARC shuttle will remain unchanged.

Tiffany says the North Frederick Shuttle will operate Monday through Friday, 8:45 AM till 4:55 PM.

Anyone who wants more information on this new shuttle can call 301-600-2065, or go on line to

By Kevin McManus